Message from the Editor

Saori Takeda

“You’ll find premium, never-before-seen Japanese art!

To all the Japanese contemporary Japanese art fans, to all the world art fans who know that Japanese art is not only about ukiyo-e prints, you must be thinking: “Who are the next generation of Japanese artists?  “Where are the galleries where I can see their works? “ At the same time, you may have noticed that there is not much information available.

This is because there are few media introducing contemporary Japanese art in English. Despite the high quality and popularity of Japanese art, it can be said that there is little of it disseminated in English. This art news website can help you. We introduce unique, high quality contemporary Japanese art, one after the other, that suits your taste and that you have not seen before.

“Cuteness and Zen. Japanese galleries are a treasure trove.”

“Take a look at us and start planning your trip to Japan.”

Tokyo’s galleries are a treasure trove. Japanese artists, baptized in Ghibli anime and otaku culture, are rich in fantasy. They are also well-versed in the refined “kawaii” aesthetic that Osamu Tezuka, a legend of Manga, worked so hard to create.

In Japan, the spirit of Zen, which has already died out in China, is still alive. The works of Japanese artists, with their underlying Zen wisdom of valuing even nothingness and living with equanimity, will energize you to live a meaningful life tomorrow.

Take a look at this site and make plans for your next trip to Japan.