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Tradition and the cutting edge

Kyoto Tsutaya Books offers a place where “tradition and the cutting edge” of art and culture resonate throughout all floors.

In addition to some 60,000 books covering a wide range of artistic fields, as well as stationery and handicrafts that bring art into daily life, the store also has several art spaces featuring the trending contemporary artworks. Customers can also find the latest updates of them on the e-commerce site.

Shelves decorated with latticework. You can feel the atmosphere of Kyoto

A lineup of 60,000 books including a substantial number of art books from around the global. Japanese, western and antique books selected from around the world are displayed in a place that presents the change of seasons and has shelves decorated with latticework that evokes the atmosphere of Kyoto, small rooms that makes you feel as if you were in your own room.

Stationery and handicrafts that bring art into daily life

Divided into four different scenarios–“Eat & Drink”, “Interiors”, “Wear” and “Think”, the store has a good section with products make you feel artistic in every aspect of daily life, including products are free of unnecessary decorations and pursuing the beauty of functionality, handicrafts are both practical and decorative and souvenirs can only be found here.

Solo Exhibition of Contemporary Artist Hiroshi Mori

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Hiroshi Mori

Artspace hosts over 60 exhibitions per year. A variety of art spaces have been set up throughout the floors to host solo and group exhibitions by artists active in Kyoto, Japan, and around the world. By curating programs with a diversity of views throughout the year, Kyoto Tsutaya Books opens the door to art for everyone.

“MEGAMORI/Hiroshi Mori Solo Exhibition” is held at the 6th floor gallery from October 17 to November 5, 2023.

Hiroshi Mori’s work is characterized by the use of parody techniques, crossing various motifs, materials, and techniques. For example, he transforms the traditional golden backgrounds of religious paintings into manga style by using the latest technology of UV printing or quotes existing images such as classics, pop art masterpieces, anime, manga, and video games, and plays “tricks” on them.

Exhibition by Sculptor Kohei Nawa and “Sandwich”

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Kohei Nawa

As a center for art and culture, the store also holds a variety of events that make participants feel more involved and empathic by hosting talk shows with artists and creators active in different fields, collaborations with branding companies, and events that allow visitors to experience the change of seasons.

The exhibition KOHEI NAWA | Sandwich “Cell Field” is held at 5F Exhibition Space from October 17 to November 7, 2023.

Nawa focused on the “epidermis” of sculpture as an interface that connects to the senses. In 2002, Nawa presented “PixCell,” a work that symbolizes the information age, based on the concept of the cell (cell or grain). Since then, through a series of works that flexibly interpret the definition of sculpture, he has created a series of perceptual experiences that seem to open up the physical properties of the materials to the viewer. In this exhibition, he presents “Cell Field,” a painting using oil paint that changes over several months, and a series of prints that show the state of the cell through physical simulation, as well as test pieces, material samples, and various materials.

Editor’s Note

Every time you go, there are many exhibitions of energetic artists. The attraction is such that you could spend a whole day there and never get tired of it. You will find tips to further enrich your art life.

© 2023 Nacasa & Partners Inc. All rights reserved.
© 2023 Nacasa & Partners Inc. All rights reserved.

5-6F [T8] S.C. Takashimaya Kyoto, 35 Otabicho
2-chome Teramachi Higashiiri Shijo-dori
Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 600-8002

【Hankyu Railway】
Direct access on the basement level from Kyoto-kawaramachi Station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line
【Keihan Railway】
Keihan Gion Shijo Station, 5-minute walk
Route no. 4/5/17/205 from Kyoto Station “A2” platform (about 15 minutes)
※Bus line 205 toward Shijo Kawaramachi / Kitaoji Bus Terminal (四条河原町・北大路バスターミナル行き)
About 15 minutes from Kyoto Station (*The time required may vary depending on traffic conditions.)